WGU Goal Achievement

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1. If everything went perfectly during my education here at WGU I would complete my degree in: 12 Months 2. Some potential obstacles that could hinder me in my WGU goal attainment would be: Not having the time to commit to finishing extra classes 3. If I happen to get off track the best way to motivate me to get back on course would be to: (ie: Have more frequent contact – ie 2x weekly phone meetings; request that I submit email progress reports weekly, etc.) Submit email progress reports 4. The kind of mentoring style that I prefer is (Highlight or check one)  Directive – “tell me what to do and I will do it” o Supportive - “constant encouragement and support of my abilities and plans to succeed help me stay motivated” o…show more content…
The most important reasons that I am at WGU are: (rate on level of importance) a. Develop competency for use in the workplace __4___ b. Get done with my degree as quick as possible _ 2___ c. Balance school and life __ 3___ d. Network with my peers __ 5___ e. Get the skills to start a new career _1____ f. Other… __6___ 6. When I get frustrated with a subject I tend to: (Highlight or check all that apply)  Put the activity on hold, then pick it up again later  Seek support from teachers  Seek support from my peers  Find the answer by myself 7. When I engage in projects I like to: (Highlight or check one)  Work on one project at a time, completing it, before moving on.  I like to work on multiple projects at one time. 8. Which kind of learning is most enjoyable to you? (Highlight or check one)  Research and

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