W4 Mgt 521 Team Presentation

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The Coca-Cola Company is the largest and most important worldwide non-alcoholic distributor. The company has a strong commitment of operating in a local scale. The main idea is to focus on the type of service and product the company offers to the consumer. The company has a well structured organizational chart to identify and review areas of improvement. The efficiency of every area is important and crucial in every decision made for the success of the organizational goals. Currently, the organization has a successful structure, and no major changes are required. The structure of the chart describes from top management to global divisions. As a global organization it is important to recognize the employee effort. For that reason, an addition has been made to the organizational chart where the Operational Department is illustrated. In the text, Personal impact maps: Chart the course to a shared vision, by Brad Hill and Christine Tande, explains how employees can make an enormous difference when a personal connection to the business is provide it (Hill and Tande, 2003). The structure of the chart requires a detailed description of the Production Department. The Production Department is the last and crucial part of the chart because produces and distributes the product, as well as provides customer service to the consumer. With the illustration of the Production Department, the consumer can understand the overall organizational structure and a strategy. The chart represents the hierarchy and the work units of every department. The implementation of the last work unit was necessary to somehow illustrate the importance of every position in the company. The previous chart reflected only top management because of the length of the organization is impossible to name every area. As it is, the organization is already successful, and no main changes are requiring in the

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