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BA530 Marketing Management Grantham University The American Association of Advertising Agencies was founded in 1917 as a national trade association that represents the United States. Its members whom stand at approximately 750 accounts for 80% of the total national advertising volume and members are both at large, multinational agencies and small agencies that bill less than $10 million per year. The mission of the American Association of Advertising Agencies is to improve and strengthen the advertising agency business in the United States by counseling members on operations and management by providing the collective experience of the many to each, by fostering professional development, by encouraging the highest creative and business standards, and by attracting excellent people to the business. The agency also works with Federal, state and local government to help achieve the goals that have been set forth, helps to influence public policy while helping to resist unwise or unfair legislation and regulation, and to be the principal source of information and advice about advertising. Another vital part of them mission of the American Association of Advertising Agencies includes advocating advertisers and media, facilitating pro bono advertising work and counseling and professional development agencies. Being a member of this organization gets you several benefits such as consulting and advisory services on a variety of management-related topics, training and professional development programs, government relations teams in Washington giving agencies a voice with the government, lobbying groups and other trade organizations, research services, including access to specialists and numerous databases, and insurance and employee benefits. The joining process is simple and agencies of all sizes can be a part of the organization and the size of the

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