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School of continuing Education Dr. Amal Sedky Eman Saad diab TCHG501 Theory of Cognitive Development Vygotsk *Briefly describe Vygotsky's theory in your own words and comment on why his work is important to you. (A) Work with an individual child for 15 minutes using various forms of scaffolding and describe what you did in explicit detail. (B) Observe a mixed level group of at least three children for 15 minutes and report on how they "shape" each other’s behaviors. (C) How do these detailed observations help you deal with children? (D) Which of Piaget and Vygotsky’s ideas did you recognize before you studied the material? Which were new to you? Reflective essay #6 Vygotsky built up the most significant bases of a great social constructivist theory ,in which he gave more attention to the social interaction in learning. “unlike piaget who stressed on the individual acquiring knowledge”. The main principles of Vygotsky's work are : 1- The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). 2-Scaffolding . 3-The More Knowledgeable Other (MKO) . 1-The "Zone of Proximal Development: In defining the “Zone of Proximal Development" (ZPD) Vygotsky explains that is between what a child can do alone and what can’t be learnt at this time . And here’s where learning can occurs and what a child can achieve with guidance and encouragement from a ( MKO). 2-Scaffolding Is the support and encouragement provided by the MKO.like( Resources-a compelling task-Templates and guides- Modeling a task-Giving advice-Providing coaching) There are many different ways of scaffolding, including breaking the task down into smaller steps, providing classifications and relations ,providing motivation, and providing feedback about progress as the person progresses. The teacher’s level of scaffolding changes gradually from direction,

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