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VWT 1, Task 1 1 VWT 1, Task 1 Kari Holly-Dumont Western Governors University VWT 1, Task 1 2 1.A) The community I have identified is Sarasota County in Florida. 1.B) Sarasota County Florida is an upscale Gulf coast community, the median inland household income is $48,900 annually whereas the median coast line income, such as lido key, is about $112,000 annually ("Sarasota has some of the richest neighborhoods in the state, census shows | HeraldTribune.com," 2011). Sarasota has a higher crime rate than that of the entire state of Florida, reported crimes are 132 per square mile in Sarasota, in Florida the reported crimes are 70 per square mile ("Sarasota crime rates and statistics - NeighborhoodScout," 2014). The average age of Sarasota residents is 44.5 years with an equal distribution of males and females. About 66% of Sarasota is Caucasian, 15% are Hispanic and 14.2 % are black, the rest are “other” or declined to report. Sarasota’s major religion is Catholicism at 43%, next is Southern Baptist of 10%, Jewish 9%, Methodist 7%, Presbyterian 6% and “other” 24% ("Sarasota County QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau," 2014). The Catholics celebrate Christmas, Easter and other major religious American holidays as do the Baptists, Presbyterian and Methodist. Jewish celebrate Hanukkah and most American Jews celebrate Thanksgiving, they do not however celebrate Easter, they celebrate Passover. Sarasota county is predominantly Republican, succeeding Democrats by about 7% ("Sarasota County QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau," 2014) . The majority of people in this community speak English, the second most popular language is Spanish followed by German, French and Italian respectively. The majority of people accept being referred to as “Sir” or “mam”, this appears to be popular in the south. There is an active abortion clinic in

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