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VUT2 Task 1 Joseph Costa 1. To: My boss Date: October 2, 2013 From: Joseph Costa, Manager Subject: How a Social Engineering Attack Occurred on the Company As an overview, recently a supervisor received an email pertaining to a customer complaint which under any other circumstances would seem to be normal activity. The email contained a link to the supposed product listing which to the supervisor seemed to be legitimate and provided no evidence of being listed improperly It is my belief however that the email contained a link which although seemed normal, actually redirected the supervisor to a webpage which was manufactured by the attacker, containing malware. This malware came in the form of a Trojan virus or root kit which then allowed the attacker on the distant end the ability to access any computer system it was present on. At that point the virus was able to spread to the other computers in the company which was noticeable after the supervisor clicked on the link, as many other machines, including my own were functioning slower and less responsive. The individual who conducted this attack was able to infiltrate the company network by the methods of social engineering which is considered to be more of a non-technical way of obtaining information from people who are inclined to be helpful and generous in nature. Further proof that this was a malicious attack on the company was that the supervisor was unable to reply to the sender because the address itself was spoofed and used to seem legitimate to the company or individual it was attacking. 2. Given this knowledge, a series of security recommendations must be in place to prevent attacks such as this in the future. This set of controls encompasses a defense in depth strategy which starts at the greatest threat to a company, and stretches to total network security. User Information

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