Vulnerable Population/Self Awareness Paper

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NUR/440 Vulnerable Population/Self Awareness Paper June 24, 2012 My personal impression and bias before researching Hispanic families are: Hispanic families consist of large groups of family members including grandma and grandpa, cousins, aunt and uncles all living together. Most Hispanic people work on farms or are blue collar workers due to their language barrier, and because of this do not have higher-education or so called college-level degrees. To me this translates into jobs that do not offer particularly high pay or health insurance for their workers. The older Hispanic people never learn to speak English because in the home the native language is always spoken. The elderly are always living with a son or daughter so they are never put in nursing homes and they help take care of the household and the grandchildren. Many generations are living together and help each other out. Traditions get passed on to younger generations. Often the children interpret for the parents/grandparents in medical/legal situations. The traditional Hispanic diet is very high in fat and carbohydrates and so diet related health problems are very prevalent. However with the “industrialization” of the diet, diabetes and HTN are increasing even more in this population. Hispanic people are willing to work hard even when they are illegally because they come to this country to make life better for their families. I always see them in front of Home Depot or other home improvement stores waiting for someone to pick them up for a day job. The Hispanic culture is rich in tradition with many holidays, some of them we’ve adopted here in the US such as Cinco de Mayo. At Pike Place Market, a local tourist attraction here in Seattle, is a store entirely dedicated to artists from Mexico that sells beautiful masks, sculptures, and other pieces of art that people from all

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