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University of Phoenix NUR/440 February 13, 2012 Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Report One vulnerable population group represented in the Neighborhood Season Two is the elderly or senior citizens age 65 and older. Seniors represents large number of the modern society and local community. The number of elderly continues to grow as population ages throughout the world. According to Public Health Portal of the European Union by 2030, the number of people, age 65 and older will grow by 70%. This raises important challenges for our generation to meet the higher demand for health care and adjust health care and social care system for the aging population. According to population demographics Season Two - the local neighborhood…show more content…
The senior center director from Season two was overwhelmed with increased in people visits, and he was concerned that large number of seniors come to seek basic medical care and nutritional needs. This example shows that the need for personal assistance with activities of daily living increases with advanced aging. The local senior center is trying to meet elderly health care demands as well as provide extracurricular activities for the local seniors with some success. The need for additional community resources is…show more content…
Most of my clients (>90%) are elderly. I do daily visits to skilled nursing facilities, board and cares, assisting living facilities, and private homes. I had many cases where my elderly patients suffered from neglect, lack of resources, and proper care. As a nurse, I have to be a patient advocate. I have realized that support from the family, community, and social services can make a huge difference in the care for the elderly. I am proud to be part of hospice and home health care team that primary purpose to provide quality of care and to be an excellent community resource for caregivers and families. Home care agencies provide a multiple valuable services for elderly including but not limited to nursing care, nurses aids care, private caregivers, chaplains for the spiritual care, dietitians, medical equipment services, volunteers, occupational therapy, and many others. Enhancing quality of life should be the primary focus of the community for the senior

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