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Health Assessment and Promotion for Vulnerable Population NUR/440 December, Monday 17th, 2012 Health Assessment and Promotion for Vulnerable Population This article was written in 2012 in Advances in Neonatal Care, Vol. 12, No. 2 pp. 102-106, and the title is “Adolescent Girls, A Vulnerable Population”. This article discusses why this population is considered vulnerable, and what we can do as nurses to protect those Young Women. As mention it the future of our world is dependable on the young population, and it our duty to best helps them. According to the article “Adolescent girls, particularly, are vulnerable to some of the world’s greatest challenge such Aids, poverty, environment, educational opportunity, and violence are…show more content…
According to the article, “Worldwide, adolescent girls are particularly unable to protect themselves against unwanted, unsafe sexual encounters, unwanted pregnancy, disease, and violence for many reasons. Educational is a limited opportunity, and, in turn, limits economic and professional opportunities” p. 102. In national plan, statistic proves girls from ages 16-24 years are parts of vulnerable population. Because they are sexually assault, their health issues as teenage mothers is at very higher risk for premature, low birth weight, and death. Their educational opportunity decreases, and the drop out of school is enormous because they are not encourage them as much as boys. They are seen in the family as a burden. Lack of education and many obstacles impoverish them. They suffer physical and emotional stress most of their lifetime. In United States, the CDC reported, Adolescent Girls formed a major group of people who received help from the government for prenatal services. They are predominating in the HIV/AIDS, malarias, and other sexual transmitted diseases, and…show more content…
Advance practice roles for nurses in tomorrow's healthcare systems. Clin Nurse Spec. 1996;10(5):250–255. Chesnay, M. D., & Anderson, B. A. (2012). Caring for the Vulnerable: Perspectives in Nursing Theory Practice and Research (3rd ed.). Vulnerable Populations in Current Events Paper Points earned (1 point each) • A recent article (within last yr) or periodical discussing a vulnerable population and/or event was used. 0.75 Nice article, many grammar and APA errors. • Identify and define a vulnerable population. 1 Great vulnerable population • Discuss the barriers this population faces to obtaining needed services. 1 Nice job on barriers, yet very difficult to read at times. See below. • Relate and discuss your own personal experience with vulnerable groups. 1 • Word count with APA formatted 250-500 words. 0 Ligemie see comments below. Total (5 pts possible): 3.75 Great discussion Ligemie! You have many grammar, APA, etc errors. You might consider reading your paper out loud prior to submitting as this will help with these types of errors. Please also consult the Center for Writing Excellence on your student webpage for help with APA formatting. Thanks,

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