Vulnerable Population Essay

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I will conduct a Windshield Survey in the city of Rowland Heights, California. This urban center can be found in Los Angeles County; however, it is bordered by San Bernardino and Orange Counties. It is located at 545-feet above sea level while operating in the Pacific Time Zone. The area is 8.10 square miles with 6,480.82 inhabitants every square mile. When the 2000 statistics was gathered, the entire total population was 48, 754 inhabitants. Based on City Facts (2010) the average family revenue in 2008 was $67,243, while the average unattached house was worth $557,392, furthermore, the living costs index was 140.3. Rowland Heights accounts that 6.8% of its residents have earnings of 51%, lower than the average resident, and a joblessness rate of 6.5% (City Data, 2010). Roughly 43.5% of residents are females, 56.5% males, and of that 83.1% have a minimum of a high school education. About 34.4% possess a bachelor’s level education, and 11.6% have a professional or graduate education (City Data, 2010). Greater than 51% of the residents are married with a typical family size of 3.5 individuals (City Data, 2010). Factors impacting health in the local community Greater than 25% of the local residents are older than 16 years and around 16% are in the category of 15-25 years of age. There are many topics of interest that can influence the general public. Obesity is among the areas of priority. This Community has a diabetic rate of 9.8% and an obesity rate of 22.5% (City Data, 2010). Based on Active Diner (2010) you can find 18 fast-food dining establishments within the city. Polluted air is also a major concern. Based on City Data (2010, p. 1) this community is within the “ Leading 101 counties with the greatest Ozone smog reading”, #4 in the “highest Ozone air pollution reading”, and #5 with the “highest Nitrogen Dioxide toxins reading” in 2005. Another issue

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