Vulnerable Health Assessment

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Assessment Tools Analysis NURS 440 Health Assessment and Promotion of Vulnerable Population Assessment Tools Analysis Paper Assessment is the most important skill a nurse can possess to give competent patient care. Broom (2007) states that, “assessment is an integral part of the nursing process during which nurses collect information about the child and family to devise a care plan” (p. 22). Assessment initiates the plan for patient care because the findings from the nursing assessment will initiate the nursing process. Assessment tools are created to gather information about patients. Many assessment tools are available for nurses and other health care practitioners, and each can be used for specific purpose. Hassles and Uplifts…show more content…
Family relations, academic challenges, health problems, playing sports, and social status have been identified as stressors in school-age population. Some of the reported stress symptoms are hunger, headaches, nervousness, tiredness, confusion and illness. This tool can be used by counselors, psychiatrists, and social workers in order to identify problems and encourage coping skills. The Schoolager’s coping strategies inventory is a 25-item self-report scale that assess strategies used by children ages 8-12 years in order to cope with situations mentioned. The process of answering the inventory can take 10-15 minutes. The inventory is very useful and valid because it proves the correlation that lower coping mechanism show higher number of psychosomatic symptoms (Skybo & Buck,…show more content…
Findings from this inventory may also be useful to school personnel, along with the school nurse, to tackle ways to help children learn how to manage stress. Classes and support groups can be formed for children and parents to help develop better understanding of stress management. Application of Tools to the Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper The vulnerable population from The Neighborhood is identified is an older adult with chronic illness population. Assessment tool such as Hassles and Uplifts Scale can useful in assessing Mrs. James’ stressors and coping skills. Multiple stressors identified in the paper are health problems, lack of support from family and friends, and lack of access to transportation. Uplifts identified are her pets and the feeling of independence. This assessment tool will help Mrs. Jones to examine her life and health issues and find ways to access help from friends and health care members (Apollo Group, Inc., 2010).

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