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Visions of America’s Past Answers Chapter 4: The Rocky Road to Revolution 1. When he said this he meant that they should not force the whole independence from Britain topic, but instead suggest it and let the people agree with the idea. If independence was highly influenced it would disturb the people in the new world and want to move back to Britain. This happened to be very successful, the colonies ended up wanting to become independent without them feeling like they were forced to have that idea. 2. 1) Foreign nation such as Spain treated its colonies very well and also helped them get their independence from Britain. 2) Independence is in the minds of the people already, and you can see this from the way they respond to news of Virginia’s vote for independence. 3) The colonies are basically already independent from Britain for a while now. 3. The main debaters against independence of America were John Dickinson, James Wilson etc. Follow of these are their arguments. 1.) The timing of independent was not right here. We were needed to deal with Britain. 2.) People were not ready to independent from Britain. 3.) Spain was not guaranteed to support independence from Britain for the colonies. They believed their position was right because they want to settlement to Britain as a representative of the moderates 4. There was a big military setback on the 17th and Philadelphia got news of it. This information helped propel congress on its way to finalizing their want for independence. 5. It mentions a few drafter that sought out reconciliation with Great Britain but, it is more important that there were people that didn’t back down and fought for what they wanted, even they it wasn’t successful. Chapter 7 1. Lewis and Clark passed the winter of 1804-1805 by trading with Native Americans by fixing their weapons and tools for corn and
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