Vroom Theory of Motivation

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Vroom theory of Motivation Jonathan is a great manager that uses the Vroom Expectancy Theory of motivation. He tries to understand what his people need personally so that he can use this to motivate them. If a manager can give rewards that employees want than they can effectively motivate them into being a better more productive employee. The Vroom Theory uses the wants and needs that people have and then addresses motivational strengths to ensure success. By using the degree of desire to do an activity a manager can judge the amount of motivation that can occur. (Certo,2009) Jonathan is Stephanie’s direct boss. He is a 10 year veteran of the grocery store and well like by his people. Although Stephanie’s pay only helps to make ends meet she is happy to be employed and enjoys the flexibility that the job gives her. Jonathan is admired for his relaxed management style but he has a plan that uses this to get the most out of his people. He believes that a fast way to lose motivation is by being bored with your job. He prevents this by changing up the different positions in the store. He feels that rotating his people through the different departments makes them stronger employees that can handle different tasks. Stephanie has learned many of the aspects of the supermarket business. From week to week she can work at the checkout counter, stocking shelves or the new culinary department. Stephanie really enjoys the new culinary department. This department uses some of the best products that the story sells to create foods that people enjoy. Stephanie enjoys talking to the customs and taking them around the story to show them where the ingredients are to make the delioues foods she has created. Jonathan recognizes that Stephanie enjoys the culinary department and takes advantage of this but trying to motivate her into making it work and become a permanent

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