Voyage to the Ecological Epoch Essay

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A VOYAGE TO THE ECOLOGICAL EPOCH 1.0 INTRODUCTION A new vision on reality- the eco vision- was an important thing in the brain of many of the intellect, but today it has changed to the level of ordinary people. In this modern world we deal with many ecological problems and crisis. So it is better to have thorough study about ecology and its nature. In this first chapter we mainly deal with the science of ecology its scope, goal. 1.1 ECOLOGY IN GENERAL Ecology can be defined as the study of the principle which governs temporal and spatial patterns for the assemblages of organisms. It is the one of the most popular area of biology. It is the study of the structure and nature. The content of ecology may be divided in to several ways, first were the attention is directed to the type of environment, and second were the emphasis is up on plants or animals. Third was the attention on the point of departure deals with auto ecology or the interrelations of the individual or plant or animal. The technique of ecology is both experimental and descriptive. This science has got many important interrelations with other branches of basic and applied knowledge. Ecology as a science is related with each other. Ecology is a pluralistic science in the sense that depends on a wide variety of methods and approaches rather than on a limited range of techniques and concepts. 1.2 WHAT IS ECOLOGY? Ecology may be understood as the study of structures and functions of nature. Millions of different kinds of organisms live on earth; each kind has its own place in the nature. The study of all these effects and influences is called ecology is defined as the study of the relation of organisms or group of organisms to their environment or the science of inter relations between living organisms and their

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