Vowels Essay

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VOWELS: In any vocalized language vowels plays important role, it is the most prominent and central sound of a syllable. The vowels helps us to join letter so a full sound can be achieved. In English a,e,i,o and u (also y ) are the vowels which are clearly spelled out in a text whereas in Arabic they are not. There are no exact correspondences between English and Arabic vowels; they may differ in quality, and they may behave differently under certain circustances. There are 29 letters in Arabic alphabets which all are consonants but ( letter alif, waw and Ya ) are used as long vowels or diphthongs and also play a role as weak consonants. To help those who are not well verse in Arabic Grammar, the vowels signs have been developed for those who are learning Arabic as second language. The vowels sings such as (desinential marks or diacritics) are not part of Arabic letters,. The short vowels are merely oral, and used only in teaching texts for guiding the learner, and they mainly appear in important religious texts but rarely appear on everyday writing such as newspaper, text books etc. In non-religious writing such as journals, newspapers etc. vowel signs often omitted and similar words may have to be interpreted from the context, vowels sign are only indicated when there is possibility of confusion. As far as Qur'an concern these vowels signs are absolutely necessary in this age in order to pronounced religious text for those who are not well versed in classical Arabic language. Over time the oral Arabic language has changed drastically from the Arabic language spoken at the time of the Prophet. Consequently, the Arab have to study the art of tajweed (the accent ) just the same way that non-Arabs do. The vowels signs which were developed approximately 150 years after the demise of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) serve
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