Votive Statue Of Eannatum, Prince Of Lagash

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hitney Hollis Art History I Wednesday 6:00-10:00 Museum Assignment Professor V. Wind The piece of art work I chose at the Menil Art Museum was the Votive Statue of Eannatum, Prince of Lagash. This piece of art was from Sumer, Early Dynastic III, 2600-2340 B.C. This Votive Statue was found in Southern Iraq. The Votive Statue is made of, alabaster, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, and modern bitumen inlays. This Votive Statue is very similar to the Votive statues that we have studied in class. The Votive statue in the museum said that it was a Prince of Lagash. The Votive statues we studied did not have any certain name of importance. However, these Votive Statues have very similar traits. This Votive Statue has a continuous eyebrow

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