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Isaac Wooley 4/22/15 Texas Government 2306 Section 342 Mr. Michael Smith Annotated Bibliography John, S., & DeBats, D. A. (2014). Australia's Adoption of Compulsory Voting: Revising the Narrative - not Trailblazing, Uncontested or Democratic. Australian Journal Of Politics & History, 60(1), 1-27. doi:10.1111/ajph.12042 In this article, Sarah John and Donald DeBats argue that compulsory voting was adopted in Australia due to experiences in other democracies. Rather than view Australian history as a closed system, they attempt to explore how experiences in other democracies shaped the decision to have compulsory voting in Australia. The writers’ views are that compulsory voting was adopted to protect an apathetic majority from outspoken minorities. The article would be a useful source in the writing of a paper on compulsory voting because it examines how experiences in other nations affected Australians’ decisions to make voting compulsory. The article also further explores the debates in the nineteenth century Australian colonies, which led to the adoption of mandatory voting, in the context of other democracies. TWOMEY, A. (2013). COMPULSORY VOTING IN A REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY: CHOICE, COMPULSION AND THE MAXIMISATION OF PARTICIPATION IN AUSTRALIAN ELECTIONS. Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal, 13(2), 283-312. doi:10.5235/14729342.13.2.283 In this article, Anne Twomey explores both the arguments for and against compulsory voting that have been made in Australia. She also goes on to discuss the history of the issue in Australia. This article would be useful when writing a paper on compulsory voting, because although the writer makes her views clear, being against compulsory voting, she also thoroughly examines the arguments of those with the opposing viewpoint. Twomey wordily explains that what she believes should matter more is the

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