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Voting Essay

  • Submitted by: Antonio2
  • on November 20, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Voting is the first initiative into the involvement and interaction with our government. The government of the people, by the people, and for the people, is created for us to vote, so that we have an opinion of how we want to be govern. If the people were not to vote, it would be counterpointing the whole idea of a democracy, and take on a different form such as a monarchy, oligarchy etc. The grasped idea of voting is to help us an individual have a voice in our government, in order to voice our opinion on what we feel we benefit from more. When a person doesn’t vote, they are letting other people make decisions for them, so it truly leaves that individual no room to complain, by the simple fact of not making his vote do the speaking for them.
Those who tend to vote in a more regular basis are primarily the people who benefit from more out of our government. They tend to be more involved in the government and especially within their community because they understand that the government is made to work for the people and not against it. By making a voice in our city elections impact the decision made for our presidency and many other ballots. On the other hand the individuals who don’t usually tend to vote not because of their social or emigrational status, seem to be more upset with their government, having little to zero trust in their politicians. Many non-voters seem to be uninformed on who they should vote for, but that doesn’t institute the forgoing of not making a vote for a candidate that by some type of means at least give your party selection some beneficial leverage for future polls which have a connection with that current poll.

I believe in order to get a greater voter turn-out, theirs many different things that must be changed or amped for this to happen. The media plays a big role in this, the media as an television, newspapers, radio etc., seem to mainly only informed people about the politician that more than likely has a higher...

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