Voter Id Laws Are Essential for Voting

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One of the main concerns of elections is the requirement of voters having the specified identification before they can cast their vote. Hans A. Von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, believes that voter ID laws are essential because they “protect the integrity of our democracy”. On the other hand, Wendy Weiser, director of a democracy program, argues that these laws are designed to keep Americans from voting. Each side has valid points concerning voter ID requirements but in the end, more states are passing law in favor of supporters of voter ID laws. Voting has not always been a privilege for everyone so the issues that surround the topic are very sensitive when debated on. In order to run and maintain an honest election, voter ID requirements are necessary. Spakovsky makes great important points that state regulators obviously agree with. One main point is that without voter identification laws, such as registering in your home state, Americans will try to vote in several states in hopes of increasing their candidates chance of winning the election. This would create in unfair advantage to the candidates at the polls and would not result in an honest election. Another argument is that these laws reduce the chances of Americans voting under fake names or under deceased names. If someone is using another person’s identity or making up a name, it can only be concluded that they do not want their actual identity discovered or known for whatever reason. Not only is it dishonest but it’s also against the law to use a deceased persons information for any reason. So again, how can we maintain an honest election if we allow voters to vote under names that are not their born name? The voters are not being honest so how can we expect an election honest? If we cannot run an honest election at the polls, how will the public

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