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From 1960 to 2004 the voter turnout has steadily increased. More and more people turn out at voting booths every year.that doesn’t mean that everyone still goes. In 2004 174,800,000 people were registered to vote gut only 122,294,978 actually went to the polls and voted. Not only did everyone who registered to vote didn’t vote, but astonishingly 221,256,931 people were in the voting age in 2004. In 2004 3,964,522people voted for a republican candidate and 3,583,544 people voted for a democratic candidate. The role of voting in a modern democracy is a very big responsibility for todays society. It gives the citizens of the united states a chance to take part in the big decisions in the government. It also lets us pick our representative ( the person who will be our voice in the smaller choices that effect our everyday lives). When we go to vote there are several things we can vote for. We can vote for our senator, governor, and our state representative. We can choose any one in public office including our president. We can also choose some state laws we want to be passed or vetoed. With this number being said the number of people turning out at voting booths should be a higher number. Knowing that we can make decisions in our government, which may seem larger than life to most of us. In 1968, Florida adopted a new state constitution. The governor is elected for a term of four years, and the legislature has a senate of 40 members and a house of representatives of 120 members. The state also elects 23 representatives and 2 senators to the u.s. congress has 25 electoral votes. This means ever four years we can pick the people who change our lives. They in turn pick things for us like how we spend our money for important things like schooling, healthcare, environmental issues and not things we want our taxes being used another thing we consider when we

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