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The Dictatorial Church The British Empire was the largest and most well known empire in the world, their power and influence spread throughout the nation. In the seventeenth century the British Empire was in demand for sugar and tobacco, which led to the growth of plantations on the islands of the Caribbean. The need for cheap labor to work the plantations started the growth of the African slave trade. Jamaica was a country in the Caribbean whose culture was uprooted by the British; voodoo is a practice that developed and changed because of the teachings of Catholicism. “Jamaica was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494 and the Spanish settled in Jamaica by the sixteenth century” (Kurian). The Spanish brought African slaves to settle in Jamaica. The Spanish used these slaves to work on the fields and develop the land. Later on, the Spanish were expelled from Jamaica by the British Empire in 1670. “Jamaica became popular in producing tobacco, cocoa and sugar for the British” (Mason). Jamaica became the most valuable Caribbean colony because of the crops it was able to produce. “The English developed a flourishing plantation economy with slave labor brought from West Africa, but the abolition of the slave trade in 1834, the Civil War in the United States and the removal of British tariff protection for Jamaican products destroyed the economy and led to a black uprising in Morant Bay in 1865” (Kurian). The economy was gradually rebuilt when the British Parliament established a Crown colony government. “The British then began new programs; banana cultivation, internal transportation and educational and public health facilities” (Kurian). However, the depression of the 1930's, combined with a mutation on the banana crop and a large population increase, led to serious concerns for Jamaica's economy. This led to the constitution of 1944, granting Jamaica a wide

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