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Term Paper My group decided to do our project at Washington Elementary School. Our group project is on issues in sexual orientation and youth and aging. We decided to do our project at an elementary school to see how the youth these days are treated, and compare it to how we thought we were treated as elementary students. The school is an okay looking school with very clean facilities. There are no graffiti signs anywhere, and it seems like a great environment for kids to be in. The library is also a great feature to the school because of the great selection. The teachers seem to really care about the kids in this school, which is very rare these days. The walls in the school are covered with a lot of Hispanic heroes like Cesar Chaves, and the school’s campus is made up of many bright colors which make the school seem very happy and fun to be present in. Most of the school’s staff is Spanish speakers, which makes sense because the large majority of the students in Washington Elementary are of Hispanic descent. Being at the elementary school reminds me of how much I miss being a kid, and how I would do anything to have recess’s in college. My initial feeling about Washington Elementary was that it had a great environment for kids to learn. The rooms were bright and the campus was kept clean for its students. My initial feeling about the staff was that they really cared about the students. I remember being in elementary school thinking that the teachers were always just trying to get me in trouble. But now knowing how adults really think, the teachers in Washington Elementary really do care about their students. The majority of the students and staff are of Hispanic descent, and it seems like many of the students know how to speak Spanish. The staff is made up of mostly female workers, even the principal. I think the gender of the teachers being female is actually

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