Volunteer Speech Essay

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Kristen DeRosa Dr. Aronow AP Composition March 10, 2014 Making a Difference: One Small Step at a Time Think about your local community. Think about all of the people you know right in your own town. (Anaphora, scheme) Think about all of the people who may need a helping hand (Metonymy, trope) once in a while. All of the people who may not be as fortunate as others. We may not see them all directly, but they are present. They are present (Anadiplosis, scheme) in the most unlikely of places. Someone in need could even be sitting in this very room. So before you write off the option to volunteer because, “needy people do not live in my community,” think again. Citizens who may be less fortunate are all around you. No matter where you live. Each of those citizens would appreciate some help and any one of you could provide that. It may not be something huge, but even the smallest gesture can make a difference. Volunteering has no universal definition, so everyone is required to interpret it as they wish. We are all volunteers. (Pathos) We all may not (Anastrophe, scheme) have the same definition, but that does not make one volunteers’ efforts more heroic than others. Some people may be hesitant to begin volunteering because they believe they need to save the world (Hyperbole, trope) when in reality, the small scale help they can provide in their own community is just as valuable. Many people may believe it is only necessary to volunteer and help out in their community in dire situations. For example, after the deadly EF-5 tornado hit Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011, 84,792 registered volunteers set out to help with the clean up and rebuilding efforts. (Joplin Fact Sheet, drury.edu) The majority of those volunteers were from the town of Joplin or surrounding towns. Yes, disasters like these call for a considerably higher number of volunteers,
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