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| |LA SALLE UNIVERSITY | | |FACULTY OF SCIENCES OF EDUCATION | | |BA IN SPANISH, ENGLISH AND FRENCH | |STUDENT |FABIAN ALFREDO PAEZ SANCHEZ 26061229 | |SUBJET |MASTERING ENGLISH SKILLS 2 | |ACTIVITY |VOLUNTEERS | It is important to know that volunteering is the different activities that people can do for helping the others without financial or material gain. In fact a volunteer promotes the improvement of quality of life which is relevant in the current society. Likewise volunteering allows that citizens become more caring and tolerant that finally encourages the good human acts; people must understand that around the world there is someone who needs help and through volunteering it can do many things for improving their lives and contribute the work of charity and volunteering institutions and government. Actually become a volunteer is not an easy task because there are many factors that it must take into account like time and money. However volunteering means that people have to give their time and energy freely without gain any benefit. Even so these institutions have achieved that many people around the world join for fighting against poverty, violence and environment between others. This involves a hard work from volunteers because they have to be most of the time working in

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