Voluntary Euthanasia Essay

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example of voluntary euthanasia in HK Ah Bun , the original name of Tang Siu-pun,who graduated from NCE , he was originally a very active , confident of the future .He have been determined to become a good teacher loved by the students when he was young . Unfortunately, At the age of 23, Ah Bun accidentally fell and was injured when he was practicing somersault .in his final show. The mistakes led to Bin Tsai central nervous broken body below the head could not move, could not even breathe. As, a result ,the doctor in his throat opened a small hole , connecting a multiplicity ten pounds respirator to assist breathing. Also, he can't speak with sound , only can use lip reading to communicate with others . In this years, he live in solitude , loneliness, frustration and agony , all things such as catering, toilet , cleaning, turn around, go to sleep , all need others' help . His family love him very much , but he feel guilt about it because he think that he have become a burden to his family in the economy or mentally aspects . He think the time of others is precious ,But for him is meaningless , his life time of one second ticked by , waiting for is the moment of death . Ah Bun Tsai though not for himself what was going on , but the only thing he could do it for yourself , this is demanding an end to his own life , in order to recover their dignity . Finally, he write to the then Chief Executive Mr Tung Chee-hwa, making a plea for euthanasia. Ah Bun's story soon shook the entire community. Many people gave him moral support in different ways and, together with the encouragement of his family, Ah Bun once again got over his physical disability. Last year, he moved out of the hospital where he had spent 19 years of his life and returned to the community. The footsteps of Ah Bun tell us that in front of a cruel fate, great determination is what we need to
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