Compare And Contrast Volcanoes And Earthquakes

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Volcanoes and earthquakes In the world, there are many natural disasters which occur without the human's contribution. Volcanoes and earthquakes are some disasters that have a huge impact on many things. These two types of natural events can compare or contrast to each other. These natural disasters have differences more than similarities. Volcanoes and earthquakes are different in three things: the geology, the process, and the effect. First, volcanoes occur in different places and position than the earthquakes. The volcanoes have a certain places to occur and they do not happen randomly. They often happen in areas called hotspots, for example, there are hot spots in America, Africa, and in the oceans. There are volcanoes happens are hidden because it occurring under the oceans, furthermore, Also, many of them happen in the forest. In contrast, the earthquake occurs and happens in any place randomly. It happens in the oceans and in the continents. The source of the earthquakes is the melt area, the first layer under the surface of the ground. Second, the process of the two natural events is different than each others. The volcano usually happens and forms near the plates boundaries of the ground. First, the crust is moving a little bit and causing melt because of decreasing the…show more content…
The first disaster causes a lot of fires in the forests. Also, it throws a lot of volcanic gases which causes air pollution, such as, ash fall, CO2, and methane. "Mud volcanoes are one of the significant natural sources of atmospheric methane"(Dimitrov, 2002). The volcanoes affect the lands and cause landslides. On the other hand, the second disaster affects the cities more than the forests. It damages buildings, streets, and bridges and that will lead to human's death. These damages also will impacts the economy of the country. Moreover, the earthquakes may cause Tsunamis, if it happens in the
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