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Question 1 When a new piece of equipment comes onto the market, we all want to know if there are any standards that make this piece of technology compatible and accessible via the internet. The reason being is because the internet consists of a bunch of networks all linked up to and accessible and we want compatibility across a bunch of networks. The reason why standards come into play is because we would like there to be some commonality in the way networks communicate to each other. If some networks did not apply standards, then they may find themselves unable to communicate to other parts of the internet, thus isolating itself. Standards are common in various components of a network. The IP protocol, wireless networking, Voice over IP and the Ethernet will all be looked at to determine how mature, immature or nearly developed these standards are. The IP (Internet Protocol) protocol is now a universally recognised protocol and is now the only protocol utilised on the internet. The standards for IP have been set by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and also the United States Department of Defence. The IETF sets their standards in 1981(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ipv4.) IP provides unique global computer addressing, which will ensure that two computers over the internet can uniquely identify one another. The use of unique addresses prevents duplicate addresses being created. However, with the numbering system which IP version 4 is prohibited to, a new version of IP version 6, is sure to increase the amount of unique addresses. The standards for IP have not changed much since IP version 4. I would classify the standard for IP, IEEE 802.3 as mature. It is very well developed and widely adopted. Wireless networking has developed slowly over the last 10 years as people were a little sceptical as to the security vulnerability which can occur

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