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* Executive Summary Kudler Fine Foods is a food services company focused on the catering and food services business based in Greenwich, CT. The current telecommunications environment has served the company well, but Kudler Fine Foods has not developed a long-term telecommunications strategy. With continued support calls, hardware refresh, and unforced errors by the user community the telecommunications environment has become a continued cost center. Technologies to create a well-managed telecommunications environment have been available for the last 10 years but were extremely complex and time-consuming to implement. Kudler Fine Foods’s Executive Staff has made a strategic decision to develop a Telecommunications Strategy to meet current, future, and ongoing business needs. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the next logic setup in optimization of the telecommunications environment. This paper will discuss the VoIP pilot study with Kudler Fine Foods using Cisco Unified Communications (VoIP). Kudler has steady growth and continually increasing costs in providing telecommunication services. Voice of IP (VoIP) using Cisco Technologies will help accomplish key business objectives, make the IT infrastructure an asset to the corporation, and dramatically lower desktop support costs. Mike A. Smith, Assistant Vice President IT, states, “…If you are an user wishing to use VoIP, the only additional hardware a users needs besides the computer and Internet connection are a sound card, speakers and a microphone.” In summary, the results of the VoIP proof of concept (POC) with three business units so far has shown the POC needs to be expanded into a full Enterprise Pilot. The Enterprise Pilot will include users at three pilot locations to test system performance. Additionally,

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