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Voice and Accent Training Essay

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  • on September 6, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Voice and Accent Training" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Voice & Accent
Training Manual

                Table of Contents

DAY-1 Break up           timings

Overview of Voice & Accent 30. Mins
Pre-assessment of Voice & Accent
Recording Exercise 1.   Hour
Reading Exercise & Extempore
      (To assess Stress Pattern, Expression
      & Grammar) 1.   Hour
Pre-assessment Feedback 30. Mins

DAY- 2

Consonant Sound & Articulation
Review 45. Mins
Sound Practice 45. Mins
Reading Exercise 45. Mins
Phonetic 45. Mins

DAY- 3

Vowel Sound & Neutral Accent
Review 30. Mins
Sound Practice 45. Mins
Reading Exercise 45. Mins
Visual Clips 20. Mins
Phonetic 40. Mins

DAY- 4

Review Session
Recap of Sound using Cue Card 01. Hour
Reading 45. Mins
Group Discussion 30. Mins
Listening & Comprehension 45. Mins

Overview of Voice and Accent

There are 3 level of English pronunciation:

Level 1: People often don't understand what you want to say. You use the wrong sounds in English words.

Level 2: People understand what you want to say, but it is unpleasant to listen to you.

Level 3: People understand you, and your English is pleasant to listen to

Can I reduce my Accent?
Anybody with the desire to reduce their accent can reduce their accent.
Change begins with the desire to change. When we combine our desire with proper instruction and practice, we achieve success!
The key to learning to speak English clearly and correctly is training and practice. Clear and accurate speech comes from "doing."
Reducing your accent is different than other skills such as grammar and vocabulary. Studying accent reduction is more like studying dance, music, sports or martial arts. It involves the training of muscle groups. Everybody is born with these muscle groups located in our tongue, lips and jaw.
All that you need...

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