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CS is a 27 year old female diagnosed with vocal nodules. Vocal nodules are localized growths on the vocal folds resulting from frequent hard vocal fold collision that occur from yelling or shouting (Colton & Casper, 1996). This condition is often called "singer's nodes" because of its frequent problem among professional singers (National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders [NIDCD], 2008). Vocal nodules are found almost exclusively in young women around twenty to fifty years of age and pre-adolescent boys. The contrast of women and pre-adolescent boys suggest that the laryngeal (voice box) size may play a factor in nodule formation (Colton & Casper, 1996). Vocal nodules are usually bilateral meaning its present on both vocal folds, although it can be unilateral meaning one (Colton & Casper, 1996). When nodules first develop, they are soft and flexible; referred to as “prenodules.” These “prenodules” are soft, and easily resolved with minimal intervention (New York University Langone Medical Center [NYU], 2005). In the later stages, nodules become harder and almost callous-like thus difficult to treat. Nodules usually appear at one third of the anterior (front) and two thirds at the posterior (back) end of the vocal folds (Colton & Casper, 1996). Vocal nodules are a common vocal fold pathology linked to vocal misuse or abuse. A high laryngeal position or lack of pitch and sudden voice onsets can result in vocal misuse (Colton & Casper, 1996). A behavior of screaming, yelling, excessive throat clearing, coughing and abusive of alcohol is considered vocal abuse. Vocal abuse is considered to be the harsher of the two with greater risk of injuring vocal fold tissue (Colton & Casper, 1996). When tissues of the vocal folds are injured, normal contact and vibrations of the vocal folds are affected. When a person attempts to phonate, a breathy voice is

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