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Find a vocal coach or qualified voice teacher if you can afford one. It could be someone you know who has gone through voice training already, but it is always to look for a professional. Incorrectly performed techniques can ruin your singing voice. Investing in an experienced vocal coach is well worth the money. If your voice is weak, know that this is usually caused by under-developed muscles or improper use of the resonators (the pharynx, the hard palate, and the nasal cavity). Classical Music Events Hong Kong classical music listings www.luxury-insider.com If you cannot afford or do not want the dedication that comes with hiring a professional voice coach, consider joining a local choir. There are also a few learn at home vocal training courses out there such as Singing Success, Sing and See, Singorama, Singing for the Stars and Vocal Release, but be sure to do your research to see which ones have really worked for other singers. Be careful in your choice of teacher -- there are some bad ones out there. If you're in a school with choir, get in there and sing your heart out! If you don't want to have to pay for voice lessons try to search google or youtube for singing tips or vocal exercises. 2 Learn your vocal range. This is essential, as singing pieces written for the wrong range may strain your voice. To get into…show more content…
You need to do this often if you have pitch problems. Most coaches will recommend 20-30 minutes a day when starting out. Practicing scales will also strengthen the muscles used for singing and give you better control. To practice scales, identify your range (tenor, baritone, alto, soprano, etc.) and know how to find the notes that cover your range on a keyboard or piano. Then practice the major scale in every key moving up and down using the vowel sounds. At some point you can start working in minor scales as well. Solfege (Do,Re,Mi,...) is also an effective tool for improving pitch problems.

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