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Reading Matters Vocabulary Building Unit Two full-scale ■ adjective (of a model or representation) of the same size as the thing represented. unrestricted in extent or intensity: a full-scale invasion. fatigue ■ noun extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness. ▶[with modifier] a lessening in one's response to or enthusiasm for something, caused by overexposure: election fatigue. weakness in metal or other materials caused by repeated variations of stress. (fatigues) menial non-military tasks performed by a soldier. ▶a group of soldiers ordered to do such a duty. (fatigues) loose-fitting clothing of a sort worn by soldiers. ■ verb (fatigues, fatiguing, fatigued) cause to suffer fatigue. fatiguability (also fatigability) noun fatiguable (also fatigable) adjective frostbite ■ noun injury to body tissues, especially the nose, fingers, or toes, caused by exposure to extreme cold. frostbitten adjective discard ■ verb dɪ'skα:d get rid of (something) as no longer useful or desirable. ▶(in bridge, whist, and similar card games) play (a card that is neither of the suit led nor a trump), when one is unable to follow suit. ■ noun 'dɪskα:d a discarded item, especially a card in bridge or whist. discardable dɪs'kα:dəb(ə)l adjective C16: from dis- + card1. discard ▶ verb DISPOSE OF, throw away/out, get rid of, toss out, jettison, scrap, dispense with, cast aside/off, throw on the scrap heap; reject, repudiate, abandon, drop, have done with, shed; informal chuck (away/out), dump, ditch, bin, junk, get shut of; Brit. informal get shot of; N. Amer. informal trash. glamorous ■ adjective having glamour; alluringly appealing. glamorously adverb glamorous

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