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4th quarter Week 1 SAT words 1. Satty- neat; dapper, smart 2. Avaricious- greedy for money 3. Maudlin- sad, sentimental; inclined to weep 4. Refulgent- glowing, radiant 5. Subliminal- below the threshold of consciousness 6. Testiness- irritability; irascibility(easily provoked to anger) 7. Vituperate- attack bitterly 8. Transgressor- to go beyond the limits imposed; violate or infringe upon Flanagan Vocabulary 1. Strong argument- supported by facts, reasons, and examples that are relevant to the topic. 2. Weak argument- consists of opinions unrelated to the topic and the writer’s feelings about something or someone. 3. Synthesizing information- use information from two or more sources to come up with new ideas that could not be produced with just one of the sources. 4. Online source- rich source of information through the internet. 5. Standardized citations- used to give credit information from a source and allow readers to locate and read the source for themselves if they choose. 4th quarter Week 2 SAT words 1. Predicate- to affirm; found or derive(a statement, action) 2. Iniquitous- evil; unjust 3. Epistemology- theory of knowledge 4. Cumbersome- bulky; difficult to carry 5. Supine- lying flat on one’s back 6. Verisimilar- true to life 7. Moxie- courageous; aggressive 8. Puckish- mischievous, evil spirit Flanagan Vocabulary 1. Italic text- calls attention to an important word; phrase 2. Quotation mark- used by author’s to show what someone said word for word 3. Footnotes- add information and give explanations 4. Paraphrasing- writing in your own words the author’s main point, argument, and the facts 5. Applying information- thinking about how information could be used in a different

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