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Word 1. Subway 2. Subjected 3. Subtracting 4. Transportation 5. Abstract 6. Transaction 7. absolute 8. extravagant 9. subdued 10. abolished 11. translation 12. submerged 13. transferred 14. transient 15. extraordinary 16. extraterrestrial 17. Debate 18. Regulate 19. Decorate 20. Estimate 21. Hesitate 22. Demonstrate 23. Investigate 24. Delegate 25. Concentrate 26. Mandate 27. Eliminate 28. Advocate 29. Simulate 30. Participate 31. Negotiate 32. Phosphate | Definitionan underground railway to take a number or an amount away from another number or amountthe system of buses, trains, etc. provided for people to travel from one place to anotherbased on general ideas and not on any particular real person, thing or situationa piece of business that is done between people, especially an act of buying or sellingtotal and completecosting a lot more money than you can affordunusually quiet, and possibly unhappyto officially end a law, a system or an institutionthe process of changing sth that is written or spoken into another languageto go under the surface of water; to put sth under the surface of water to move from one place to another; to move sth/sb from one place to anothercontinuing for only a short timeunexpected, surprising or strangea creature that comes from another planetA formal discussion of an issue at a public meeting or in a parliament. In a debate two or more speakers express opposing views and then there is often a vote on the issue | SentenceThe subway in Italy was very crowd Subtracting 5 from 2 equal 3The transportation in Egypt is very bad The abstract of the program was well planned The boys sealed their transaction by

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