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1. Fanaticism- Fanatical character, spirit, or conduct. * “With the blood-soaked banner of religious fanaticism billowing across the skies as one prominent legacy of this millennium…” Every Dictator’s Nightmare * You may call this religion, but I call it wild fanaticism. 2. Absolutism- The principle or the exercise of complete and unrestricted power in government * "…Martin Luther's famous theses against religious absolutism struck me early…” Every Dictator’s Nightmare * How can we resist such ridiculous absolutism, from extremely brilliant men? 3. Microprocessor- An integrated computer circuit that performs all the functions of a CPU * “By progressive association, so did the microprocessor and its implications…” Every Dictator’s Nightmare * The microprocessor is thought to be the central brain of a computer since it performs most of the calculations. 4. Quantum- A quantity or amount * “…And a quantum boost for the transmission of ideas.” Every Dictator’s Nightmare * The quantum of damages will soon be discovered. 5. Spasmodic- Having the nature of, like, or characterized by a spasm or spasms; sudden, violent, and temporary. * “…Imagine a period when such values were not pursued in spasmodic acts…” Every Dictator’s Nightmare * Amount of work depends on time of the year and location, but it is rather spasmodic. 6. Rudimentary- pertaining to rudiments or first principles; elementary * “…appeared to govern society even in its most rudimentary form.” * In order to take advanced algebra you must have rudimentary knowledge of geometry 7. Dissidents- Persons who refuse to conform to prevailing political and social values * “Even after years of conformity to hallowed precedents, a few dissidents always arise…” * In recent months, Kuwait has seen several

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