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1. Impose – to introduce a rule, tax, punishment, etc and force to accept it 2. Blogosphere - a collective term for the weblogs on the Internet 3. Municipal - of or pertaining to a town or city or its local government 4. Diverse - of various kinds or forms 5. Paean - enthusiastic praise 6. Engraft - to incorporate in a firm or permanent way; implant 7. Sterilize - to destroy microorganisms in or on, usually by bringing to a high temperature with steam, dry heat, or boiling liquid. 8. Tuberculosis - an infectious disease that may affect almost any tissue of the body, esp. the lungs, caused by the organism Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and characterized by tubercles. 9. Hepatitis - inflammation of the liver, caused by a virus or a toxin and characterized by jaundice, liver enlargement, and fever. 10. Regulation - a law, rule, or other order prescribed by authority, esp. to regulate conduct. 11. Prohibit - To forbid (an action, activity, etc.) by authority or law 12. Sanitary - of or pertaining to health or the conditions affecting health, esp. with reference to cleanliness, precautions against disease, etc. 13. Ambiguous - open to or having several possible meanings or interpretations; equivocal 14. Foster - to promote the growth or development of; further; encourage 15. Conventional - conforming or adhering to accepted standards, as of conduct or taste 16. Gluttony - excessive eating and drinking. 17. Consumption - the act of consuming, as by use, decay, or destruction. 18. Sedentary - characterized by or requiring a sitting posture 19. Caloric - of or pertaining to calories 20. Binge - a period or bout, usually brief, of excessive indulgence, as in eating, drinking alcoholic beverages, etc 21. Cholesterol - the commercial form of this compound, obtained from the spinal cord of cattle, used chiefly as an emulsifying agent in cosmetics and

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