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The Evolution of Lacrosse Lacrosse is a team sport and is considered by many as the oldest sport in North America. Lacrosse is described as being a combination of the more popular sports of basketball, soccer, football, and hockey. Lacrosse is a fast-paced and full of action game, which involves running up and down the field. The sport of lacrosse has evolved from a barbaric war game into a more structured and professional sport played across the world. The early game was so barbaric that it was described in an account by Nicholas Peffot, an early 18th century fur trapper in the Great Lakes Region “… legs and arms are sometimes broken, and it has happened that a player has been killed. It is quite common to see someone crippled for the rest of his life…” (Peffot qtd. in Crego 223). The game of lacrosse originated with the Native Americans around the 15th century before the influence of any European nations (Crego 221). Lacrosse was unique among other Indian ball-and-stick game because it used a netted stick. The game was given the name baggattaway, or “little brother of war,” by a North American Tribe, because the Native Americans would use the game to train for war (Crego 222). These barbaric war training games often lasted several days and had 100-1,000 players with the goals being 1-15 miles (Crego 222). The local tribes used the game with many different purposes, which included healing, training for war, and even to settle territorial disputes (Crego 223; Levinson 219). There are accounts of a game between the Creek and Choctaw in the late 1700’s was held to decide which tribe had the rights to a beaver pond (Crego 221). As Europeans began to spread into the Great Lakes region where the game was most popular they came into contact with the game and influenced it greatly. The origin of the name is said to have come from a Jesuit missionary, Jean

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