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Main Ideas Townshed Acts- 1767 law passed by parliament placing duties on certain items imported by the colonists. Sugar Act- 1764 law passed by parliament imposing taxes on molasses, sugar and other items imported by the colonies. Olive Branch Petition- 1775 Rejected peace request sent by the continental congress to Britian’s King George III. Bill of Rights- First 10 amendments to the U.S. constitution ratified in 1791 Declaration of Independence- 1776 statement of the second Continental congress that officially declared the New United States of America to be independent of Great Britian. Committee of Correspondence- Group formed in the 1770’s to keep colonists informed about British violations of their rights. First Continental Congress- 1774 convention of colonial delegates to discuss their rights. Second Continental Congress- 1775 meeting of colonists in Philadelphia to decide how to react to fighting at Lexington and Concord. Judicial Review- Power of the courts to declare an act of congress unconstitutional Constitution- Fundamental laws; law determining the fundamental political government Three-Fifths Compromise- 1787 agreement worked out at the constitutional convention; stated that 3/5ths of a states slave pop. Would count in determining that state’s representation in the lower house of congress. Great compromise- 1787 agreement worked out at the constitutional convention; granted each state an equal voice in upper house of the legislature and representation according to pop. in the lower house. Monroe Doctrine- 1823 president James Monroe’s statement that the U.S. would not interfere in European Colonies in Latin America but would consider any new attempt to colonize in the western hemisphere an act hostility. Adams-onis treaty- 1819 agreement in which Spain transferred east Florida to the united states. Indian

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