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Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov Timeline [April 1917 – October 1917] * Return to Russia in the spring of 1917 * Train to the Baltic coast * Boat to Sweden * Train to Russia * Arrived in Petrograd on evening of April 3, 1917. * “His arrival was enthusiastically awaited, and a large crowd greeted him and cheered as he stepped off the train. To their surprise, however, Lenin expressed hostility toward most of them, denouncing both the provisional government and the Petrograd Soviet that had helped to bring about the change of power. He considered any who stood outside his own narrow Bolshevik enclave to be his sworn enemies and obstacles to the “natural” flow of history.” * In the following days he gave several speeches/called for overthrow of provisional government * “From the moment of his return through late October 1917, Lenin worked for a single goal: to place Russia under Bolshevik control as quickly as possible.” [April Theses [April 7] published in the newspaper Pravda] * Moved on to the next step and defined his movement with the slogan ‘All power to the soviets!’ * “Lenin believed that he could orchestrate a new revolution in much the same way that the previous one had happened, by instigating large street demonstrations. Though the soviets were primarily a tool of the Mensheviks and were giving Lenin little support at the moment, he believed he could manipulate them for his own purposes.” * Attempted to create a second revolution in late April [April 21st] from a sharp disagreement between the provisional government and the Petrograd Soviet over the best way to get Russia out of World War I. * Frustrated military personnel began a demonstration in the streets * Bolsheviks attempted to agitate the troops by demanding the outster of the provisional

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