Vladimir Kush Essay

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Sam Morrison
ART 220
Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush, a Russia native, began his art career at a young age of seven, where he studied great artists of the Modern and Impressionism art movement, and also the Renaissance. Ten years later Kush entered the Moscow Higher Art and Craft School, also known as the Surikov Moscow Art Institute, the largest educational institution in Russia. However, a year later Kush was conscripted into the Soviet Army where after being noticed for his artistic and more peaceful side, was assigned for two years to painting propaganda murals. Four years later (1987), Kush began showing his art work with the USSR Union of Artists, which , as of January, 1976, included 14,538 members. He later returned to his alma mater, where he briefly taught; but he discovered he could make more money, and further progress his newly forming style, while painting portraits on the street. It was during his time on the streets that he made connections with American embassy workers, and also his first show in Coburg, Germany where nearly all of his displayed paintings sold; he later packed up his belongings and left to Los Angeles where 20 of his works were being exhibited; beginning his "American Odyssey." (http://vladimirkush.com) In Los Angeles, Kush worked in a quaint, rented home garage, but was unable to show off his work due to lack of funds. But, after returning to painting portraits on the street ( this time on the Santa Monica pier,) Kush raised enough money to purchase a ticket to Maui, Hawaii, or as he titles it, the "Promised Land," (http://vladimirkush.com) and his home to this day. Kush worked as a mural painter of the Whaler's Village Musuem in Maui, but in 1993 a dealer from France noticed the originality and creativeness of his work and organized an exhibition in Hong Kong; the place where Kush's work earned him several later

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