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The Terrifying Vlad the Impaler S.S. Project 5/19/15 Vlad the Impaler was a Wallachian prince also known as Vlad III. Vlad is known to be Bram Stokers inspiration for “Dracula”. Vlad was a gruesome man that loved to give others pain for simple or major acts of treachery or aggression towards him. Vlad is best known for placing his victims on wooden stakes. Vlad the Impaler used his gruesome tactics to stop the Ottoman Empire. Vlad would use tactics like putting his enemies on wooden stakes to give them a slow painful death. Placing your enemies or anyone on stakes would cause them to sink down the stake until the stake pops out of your neck, throat, or mouth. The stakes would slowly go through you anus and move up your body destroying organs and other major body parts until death. Vlad would also sew hats on to his enemy’s heads if he wanted them to live. Vlad would only do this if he wanted to send a message to his victim’s leaders. This would cause a very painful period of time until removed. If these hats weren’t removed in time they could cause infections near the stitches. Vlad would also watch as his soldiers dismembered his enemies. Vlad would watch his soldiers cut…show more content…
Vlad would put armies of soldiers on wooden stakes to scare his enemies. Vlad would do this to strike fear into the higher ranks of the Ottoman Empire. The stakes would go slowly through your body until they popped out of your neck. Putting a person on a stake would puncture internal organs and destroy other body parts. The stakes were easy inserting in the anus or the groin of victims. This would cause internal and external bleeding resulting in a painful death. Sharp stakes penetrate your body causing the victims to bleed out or die on impact. Bleeding out the punishment would be longer and more painful. Death from impact would be quicker do to damage done to major organs such as the

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