Vlad Dracul III: Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Vlad Dracul III is “Dracula” Vlad Dracul III (also known as Vlad Tepes) was born a prince in 1431 and later became king after the assassination of his father in 1448. He was in battle 3 times due to opposition towards his leadership and was the ruler of Wallachia (now known as Romania) between the years of 1456 to 1462. Vlad Dracul III was an evil and brutal leader which preferred to kill people by cruel methods such as an oiled steak that went trough the victims bottom until it came trough the top, and other methods that were used where putting nails in peoples head, burning, mutilation of sexual organs and boiling people alive. The history of Vlad Dracul III is surrounded by both mystery and legend. The truth is that where…show more content…
He had gained the loyalty of the nobleman of Wallachia by forcing them to work with the peasants in preparing and building his castle high up on a mountain. By insuring the loyalty of his people, Vlad Dracul III publically impaled the victims that disobeyed him. He quickly became a person to be feared rather than popular by the people of Wallachia. After Vlad Dracul III had sequired his throne, he had restored the morals and the higherchy of Wallachia, which resulted in slaughtering of thousands of the people in his own Empire that were not loyal to him regardless the severity of their offence, as well as old people and the children that were not useful for battle and cost him resources. He kept the impaled corpses of his victims in front of his caste for the fear of the enemy, and for his reputation of being the absolute…show more content…
Throughout the many folk stories and the uncertain history events, Vlad Dracul III became one of the most feared and cruel leaders of European history. However, in Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula” he was given supernatural powers as well as a more romantic personality description, which eventually led the vampire history and description from absolute cruel and evil to modern popularity of seduction and power over human

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