Vlacs Personal Fitness 3.03 Manage Your Stress Essay

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The three stress management techniques I chose were yoga, which is a relaxation technique, jogging which is a physical activity, and music, which is a reading/writing/multi-media activity. All three of those are very helpful ways to manage your stress. Yoga, jogging and music are the most helpful way to manage my stress. Yoga is a simple and easy way to relax you with breathing and stretching. It is used to control the body and mind, and in this case, calm you down, and help relax you to relieve stress. Yoga has helped me in situations like hard tests and serious sports injuries, situations when I can’t really move around a lot, I will just breathe and stretch until I’m feeling less stressed. Next is jogging. Jogging is my favorite way of managing stress. The most helpful thing to do when I’m stressed is to go for a jog with my dog, or even by myself and all the stress is relieved with every step I take. Lastly is music. Music is a very helpful and easy way to manage your stress. Just put on your favorite tunes and let them take your mind off of things. For me, if I’m stressing and I can’t go for a jog or do some yoga, I’ll just put some happy music on and then I seem to forget about what was stressing me out in the first place. Yoga, jogging, and music are three of the most effective ways to manage stress to me, but jogging is the most effective. I would and do use jogging to take my stress

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