Vivisection - a Modern Day Scandal

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Vivisection: A Modern Day Scandal Why is it that in the scientific age of the twenty first century, we are still carrying out horrifically unethical and unreliable tests on defenceless animals in vain attempts to understand the effects of varying cosmetic or medical products in humans, an entirely different species? That is a question being asked of by a growing number of outraged people-animal rights activists, doctors, scholars and lay people alike – all of whom are guided by compassion, scientific fact and common sense. However there are still many who support this outdated, Victorian style methodology, claiming it to be humane, beneficial to human health and vital to modern medicine. This essay will explore the (ir) rationality associated with vivisection, using strong, peer reviewed evidence as the basis for the counter argument and it will also address the controversial issue of where their vested interests lie. Government figures show that three million animals per year in the UK alone are poisoned, surgically injured, driven insane, burned, irradiated, starved, electrocuted, kept in solitary confinement and eventually killed all in the name of research, in experiments that most people would find hard to even imagine. Indeed, the torture that laboratory animals are subjected to would be illegal under any other premise. Yet the military, pharmaceutical industry, universities, private research groups, charitable organisations and energy companies continue to carry out these daily atrocities with government and public support. In a nation of animal lovers, it is difficult to accept that were the public actually aware of the systematic and brutal conduct that these animals are subjected to, they would still be indifferent to or in favour of vivisection. Unfortunately though, the cruelty and suffering that is so rife in laboratories is always hidden from public

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