Vivid Verb Descriptiom Essay

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Have you heard of aliens taking over a school? This is not like other stories where they try to take over and a super hero comes and defeats the aliens and kicks them back to their land. It’s much different, it all began on a typical day. Ms.Kimberly , a 6th grade teacher, was at her desk during her daily routine of eyes overflowing with tears. She has a long list of boyfriend problems. The kids took their seats and talked amongst themselves. Then, suddenly boom a spaceship crashes in the middle of their class scattering the organized desks and students.Small but strong green aliens came out of the ship and snatched 5 random students and the crying teacher . The kids terrified and threatened tried to muscle, free and escape.Too little, too late the ship gripped up hostages and vanished in the sky. Students were screaming , running around looking for help, cayos was the condition .One student rushed to call the police immediately .The mayhem was calmed down and teary eyes Ms.Kimberly was replaced by a substitute teacher for that day. Through the sky disappeared the spaceship out of earth and the atmosphere and into this reddish land which they called mars. The victims were forced into a room and hung up by a rope. The kids were being tortured and were trying to fight free the whole time and arguing, yelling, screaming, with one and another. The victims were Chris , Jason , Diggy , Emily and Ms. Kimberly. Ms . Kimberly was still in tears and sorrow for more reasons than before. The kids got tired of her crying , so they chose Emily ( the mean blonde) would focus on the situation. She slapped Ms.Kimberly to focus and turned furious and mean ripping the rope and breaking her self free . The kids begged for her to let them loose and she did . They were trying to escape , but the door was sealed solid locked shut . They tried breaking the door, but finally all

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