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Vitamins or Drugs Essay

  • Submitted by: JMJohnson
  • on September 20, 2012
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Do We Choose Vitamins and Nutrition or Drugs?
I’m a strong believer in how vitamins and nutrition play a large part in our lives.   People can greatly benefit from these two key elements. They have much to offer in preventing illness and treating illness. Prescription drugs, on the other hand are not as good for people as the drug companies would like for us to think.
There are so many vitamins and nutrients out there that people can use for so many different needs. Most of them are very common and easy to find. They can help in so many ways but at the same time if a person is lacking in a vitamin it can cause a lot of problems for that person. As in my family we take many different vitamins for a number of reasons. We have a three year old son, which takes iron and calcium supplements. Both of these vitamins were suggested to us because he had broken his leg. My husband takes a number of vitamins for many different reasons. He takes omega three for hid heart, because his family has long history of heart problems. Glucosamine and chondroitin are also really great vitamins to help keep joints and cartilage lubricated. These have helped to keep my husband’s back and joints from hurting so he does not need pain pills. The doctors wanted him to have back surgery. Since he has been taking them his back has felt much better. So we hope to be able to put off the surgery for a while. Another vitamin he uses is magnesium. This helps to prevent leg cramps at night. He was having leg cramps every night, but he has not had any in months. The last time he went to the doctor he was told he had high cholesterol. The doctor wanted to put him on prescription medication for his cholesterol. So I researched it, and found that garlic would lower his cholesterol. So I got him some garlic tablets to take. I also changed up his diet to be a little healthier. In just a few months he went back to have the cholesterol checked, and is was normal. I also have him take fiber it helps with...

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