Vitamin K Essay

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Vitamin K Vitamins are an essential substance so that the body can grow and function. All vitamins are vital to the human body, but one vitamin is so crucial that they give it to a baby as soon as they are born. Doctors administer this vitamin due to the amount in the infants body is so critically low when they are born that if they needed emergency surgery they could bleed out and die. This crucial vitamin that has been talked about is vitamin K. The major function of vitamin K is to help the blood clot. Vitamin K is so vital to the human body that low amounts could mean a simple cut could become a life threating emergency. Vitamin K’s main function in the body is so crucial that a low amount in the body can mean the difference between living and dying. Vitamin K is a crucial enzyme needed by the body along with other proteins and calcium for human blood to clot. Along with the human body needing vitamin K so that blood can clot it is also found in the kidneys, bone, and muscle. With vitamin K being found in bone it has been linked to hip fractures in women. This is caused by vitamin K initiating a change in protein that allows binding of hydroxyapatite in the bone matrix (Takahashi, Naitou, & Ohishi, 2001). With vitamin K playing such a crucial role in the human body knowing where the body receives its vitamin K is important. Up to 90% of the vitamin K a human needs comes from the foods they eat. The remaining vitamin K comes from the intestine by being synthesized by bacteria. Since 10% of the vitamin K comes from the intestine an infant’s intestines bacteria does not synthesis into vitamin K leading to hemorrhagic disease of the newborn(Van Winckel, De Bruyne, & Van De Velde, 2009). There are many different foods for your body to receive the majority of the vitamin K that the body will need. Since vitamin K is so vital to the human body knowing what

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