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Vitamin And Mineral Supplements Essay

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Current Issues Paper: Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

The issues that I chose is, can vitamin and mineral supplements help prevent chronic disease? In my textbook it shows what is in vitamin and mineral supplements, which contains a “dietary ingredient”, which also is intended to supplement the diet. The ingredients may include vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, enzymes tissues from animal organs or glands, or a concentrate, metabolite, constituent, or extract. Also, in my textbook stated that there were some debates about if vitamin and mineral supplementation was necessity or waste.   It also stated that dietary supplements could be both helpful and harmful, (Thompson 393-395).   In an article by A Healthnotes Newswire Opinion, it states that, “the present evidence is insufficient to recommend either for or against the use of multivitamin and mineral supplements.” Also, there is no strong evidence that vitamin and mineral supplements prevent cancer or heart disease, (Health Conditions). So, there are some pros and cons about vitamin and mineral supplements if it’s bad for you or if it can help prevent chronic diseases.
There are some benefits of taking a vitamin and mineral supplements. Many individual can benefits from dietary supplementation. For example, magnesium and riboflavin can prevent migraine headaches; biotin can help fingernails become stronger; vitamin B6 and magnesium can prevent kidney stones; and vitamin C and flavonoids can improve the health of gum tissue, (Health Conditions). Another pro of taking multivitamin supplements is that it can help increase whatever vitamin or minerals you are deficiency in. Vitamin and mineral supplements can benefit a person whose diet is less than perfect. In addition to the pros of taking supplements is, that it can benefit the body in a unique way. For example, vitamin A supports vision and bone growth, vitamin E strengthens the immune system and helps repair DNA. My sister who just...

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