Vita Light Lab Report

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Ethan Peck Botany 11/10/09 “Vita-light verse Normal” {draw:frame} Figure 1. Average plant height for fast plants grown under two light treatments regular lighting and Vita light bulbs. My hypotheses for plant height was as follows: I belived that vita lite was going to be tremendously better than the normal lighting due to manufacture claims but as the evidence shows normal lighting did better. For reason I that could of went either way. {draw:frame} Figure 2. Average Number of Leaves. Grown under two different types of light Normal lighting and vita Lite. My hypothesis for number of leaves was that normal lighting was going to pervail over vita light because after normal plant height exceeded the vita lights height is was only natural for me to think that the…show more content…
My hypothesis for numbering of fruits was that Vita Lite was going to have more fruits by a good amount but the normal lighting did end up producing more druits maybe due to brighter conditions it was able to simulate. The vita lite seemed very dull. {draw:frame} Figure 5 explains the germination of the beginning of the expierment how well the seeds germinated. My Hypothesis was undecided because I knew for germination neither of the different lights were going to make a diffrence with the germination. Due to it only needs to be watered and get some nutrition. But as the results say vita light had a 5% gain over normal lighting. 1) The two experimental treatments in the this experiment are Normal lighting and vita lighting plants. 2) The count for normal light is as follows: Plant height: N-143 V-150 Num. Leaves: N-143 V-150 Long Leaf: N-139 V-148 Num. Fruits : N 138 V-145 3) A large number of replicate is extreamly important because you have a more percise count of plants and if some die it doesn’t affect the whole
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