Visual Rhetoric Essay

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Visual Rhetoric Essay I chose an advertisement of a TAG Heuer watch that is very luxury, historical and classic. The second one is ad of Dolche & Gabana Time watches which is also luxury brand and fashionable. Both of these ads targeted the wealthy class, want to emphasize their watch at ad, and want to sell their watch that is same in purpose. But Tag Heuer targeted older than D&G’s buyers. I think ad of D&G is much better than ad of Tag Heuer because Tag Heuer missed so many important things of ad. If within these two ads we will see the different way of selling, use of model, colors and etc, you can realize why Tag Heuer’s ad is not successful. The first ad, the model is Tiger Woods who is professional golf player and very famous in the United States. His right wrist wears the limited edition of TAG Heuer automatic chronograph watch and the other hand hold a golf club and his eyes look up at the camera so if we see his eyes, audience and Tiger Woods eyes maybe meet each other. He looks as if to say that we should buy a Tag Heuer. Beside of his picture has an enlarged photo of TAG Heuer watch which is same model of his watch. Top of the page, it put the symbol of TAG Heuer that shape of symbol is pentagonal shield. At the page of ad has some phrases that’s written “What are you made of?”, “Tiger Woods and his link automatic chronograph”, and “Swiss avant-garde Since 1860” Both of first and second words are fitted to Tiger Woods’s picture, they show that Tiger Woods is the champion and somewhat vey great just as it is saying that the watch is also somewhat great as him. And third words under the company name “Swiss Avant-Grande since 1860” shows that they are made from one of the greatest and their long history greatness. The main color of the ad used a black and a few white that is very simple and classic. The shape of the watch is very simple and classic

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